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Course by Scrum Alliance
Certified Team Coach

Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®)

Become part of the Largest Agile Community in the world


Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®)

If you plan to:

  • Adopt Agile, implement Scrum and need the tools

  • Explore more Scrum Master role and accountability

  • Guide your team and organization

  • Help your team perform at their highest level

  • Test your Scrum Master level, improve it and get international certification

  • Introduce Agile/Scrum in your teams and organization

  • Get an opportunity to earn from 75.000 USD yearly as Certified Scrum Master®

than this course by Scrum Alliance® Team Coach is definitely for you

11 sessions

Certification Included

Live Online format, 100% Practice

Every Saturday new Session

Certificate by

Scrum Alliance ®

 Graduate Reviews about our method


Anton Godunov-Frenkel

The course from Vlad will be suitable for those who need not a quick acquisition of information but a systematic improvement of their skills stretched over time, and the acquisition of real knowledge and most importantly practical skills! Highly recommended !!!


Regina Rimkute

Vlad is an excellent coach with rich experience. I find it interesting listening and discussing with Vlad (Volodymyr Trush)


Norman Puhl

Working and getting coached by ScrumAlliance was amazing. They were always open, responded to individual questions and met each of us where we were at the time. They never left anyone behind and were able to form a good unit out of us.

Why students all over the world are choosing us?

  • Financial guarantee of quality, without unnecessary words and situations.

  • 98.7% of our students successfully received an international certificate

  • No need to take a vacation, sessions are at a convenient time.

  • Join from anywhere in the world online

  • Our support works 24/7

  • 100% Relevant content, no pre-recorded 2 years old videos.

Our course is Coaching, not a 2-day intensive training. You will NEVER hear from our coach a long monologue from the books or information that is available online.

100% Customer focused. We are working first of all on items what are top priority for you. Every Coaching session is 100% customer driven session.

Free Session

Still have some doubts ?

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Sign up for a test drive.

Go through the first session for free and make a decision after.


Our Coach Mr. Volodymyr Trush (Vlad)

@VolodymyrTrush #VolodymyrTrush

Coach. Entrepreneur. Motivational Speaker

  • During a year coached more than 350 business owners - article on Forbes 

  • One of the first certified Team Coaches in the World by Scrum Alliance. (Certified Team Coach (CTC))

  • Certified Agile Coach® (CAC®

  • Part of Forbes Coaches Council

  • Coached teams and executives ( TOP 10 largest direct sales companies in the world, turn over from 1,8 billions.) 

  • Clients - organizations from Fortune 500.

  • Among few coaches in the world who can coach and certify Advance level Product Owners and Scrum Masters

  • Successfully launched and sold more than 5 International products.

  • Coached more than 25 000 people.

  • Exclusive partner of many top MBA's, Segment: Business Coaching, Life Coaching and Agile.

  • Founder of Team Transformation Framework.

  • Member of International Coach Federation

  • Ex PO for Cirrus Insight which is considered as Top Sales App in USA

  • Ex Co-Founder Prengi, digital transformation software for Retail, FMCG, Construction industries.

  • More than 3 years coached executives, teams while working on product in TOP 27 most visited websites in the world

  • Ex-partner of Superheroes Academy. Agile Certification company in Canada

  • Ex CTO Total Systems LLC

  • MBA degree in Strategy and Development 

  • Agile Coach/ Head of Scrum practice in organization with 25+ teams

  • Author, one of the books: “Do not let people to think”, published in Kyiv, Ukraine​

  • Founder: IT-MBA Academy, Orvio. 

  • Co-founder: 375 Hotels 

Hobbies and interests: People, Coaching, Leadership, Product Management, Snowboarding

Superpower: Support and Engagement 

Who should join?

Agile methodology and Scrum framework are absolutely applicable in teams and companies outside of IT, moreover tools from IT and Agile can increase efficiency and quality in Non- IT business in many times. It is not mandatory to have IT background while joining a course, all required information will be shared during the course. We will be discussing products inside and outside of IT. Our latest clients: Logistics, Retail, FMCG, Construction companies.

Head of departments, Managers, Marketers, HR representatives

Scrum is applicable across industries so marketers, data scientists, HR representatives, and other professionals looking for a better way to solve complex problems are encouraged to attend.

Specialists from IT-Industry: Business Analysts, Project Managers, Software Engineers

This course will be useful and extremely practical for everyone involved in project managementand bringing the product to market

Anyone new to the agile way of work will find value from the concepts covered in the CSM course

New and Practicing Scrum Masters

Get to know the values and artifacts of SCRUM.
Learn new facilitation methods and practices for problem solving, learn how to apply that in a Scrum team.
Take your SCRUM skills to the next level

Product and Development teams, Startups

Learn how to become an effective team, how to deal with conflicts

Get your team to completely new level, new product management skills and team innovation techniques

Become certified specialist and increase your value on the market

What we will learn and try on practice:

Service to the Scrum Team, Product Owner, and Organization

  • describe three scenarios where the Scrum Master acts as a leader for the Scrum Team.

  • explain the impact of accumulating technical debt.

  • list at least three development practices that could help their Scrum Team deliver a high-quality Increment and reduce technical debt each Sprint.

  • explain at least three ways the Scrum Master could support the Product Owner.

  • describe at least three organizational impediments that can affect Scrum Teams.

  • discuss at least two ways that the Scrum Master assists the Scrum Team with impediments.

  • apply at least one technique that could help resolve an impediment.

  • summarize at least one organizational design change caused by adopting Scrum.

  • discuss why Scrum does not have a project manager.

The Scrum Team

  • describe the responsibilities and accountabilities of the Scrum Team.

  • describe the responsibilities and accountabilities of the Scrum Master.

  • describe the responsibilities and accountabilities of the Developers.

  • describe the responsibilities and accountabilities of the Product Owner.

  • discuss at least two reasons why the Product Owner is a single person and neither a group nor a committee.

  • discuss how and why the Product Owner maintains authority over the Product Backlog while working collaboratively with Developers and stakeholders.

Scrum Events and Activities

  • identify at least one example of how a Scrum Team could inspect and adapt to increase transparency at each of the Scrum events.

  • perform a Sprint Planning.

  • perform a Sprint Review.

  • perform a Sprint Retrospective.

  • describe at least three possible effects of skipping the Sprint Retrospective.

  • explain how Developers conduct a Daily Scrum.

  • discuss at least three ways the Daily Scrum differs from a status meeting and why the various constraints exist to support the Developers.

  • explain under what conditions a Sprint could be terminated prematurely.

  • explain at least three advantages of a strong Definition of Done.

  • outline at least one way to create a Definition of Done.

Scrum Master Core Competencies

  • describe at least three situations in which the Scrum Master could serve the needs of the Scrum Team or organization through facilitation.

  • demonstrate at least three techniques for facilitating group decision making.

  • discuss how facilitating, teaching, mentoring, and coaching are different.

Scrum Theory

  • define Scrum.

  • list the five Scrum values.

  • define empiricism.

  • list the three empirical Scrum pillars.

  • list at least three benefits of an iterative and incremental approach.

  • describe at least two disadvantages that could occur if Scrum is only partially implemented.

  • describe how Scrum is aligned with the values and principles of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

Scrum Artifacts and Commitments

  • define the purpose of and at least three attributes of the Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, and Increment.

  • explain why the Product Backlog is an emergent list of what is needed to improve the product.

  •  list at least three attributes of a Product Backlog item.

  • discuss how the Sprint Backlog can be changed without endangering the Sprint Goal.

  • explain how multiple Increments may be created during a Sprint.

  • describe how the Product Goal, Sprint Goal and Definition of Done represent the commitments for the three artifacts of Scrum.

  • describe why the Sprint Goal does not change during a Sprint.

  • explain how the Definition of Done evolves over time.

  • identify at least two reasons why multiple teams working on the same Product Backlog have a shared and consistent Definition of Done.


Join the sessions individually, with your team, or even we can run individual sessions for your Enterprise. Our sessions are built with Customers in mind. Select which option works for you best:


Get Certified NOW

  • The course will start immediately in 24h

  • Premium 24/7 support

  • Individual 1-1 Coaching Sessions

  • Access to business owners and agile specialists club

  • Additional materials (check-lists, books, video)

  • Individual sessions schedule

  • LIVE ONLINE sessions with the coach

  • Possibility to skip sessions and attend later

  • Possibility to ask and get answers to any questions

  • Attend session later at a more convenient time

5499.00 Eur

Full Course 11 Sessions, Certification Included


  • Set of 11 online sessions 90 min each in a small group

  • LIVE ONLINE sessions with the coach

  • Access to business owners and agile specialists closed club

  • Possibility to skip sessions and attend later

  • Possibility to ask and get answers to any question

  • Attend sessions later at a more convenient time

  • Additional materials (check-lists, books, video)


799.00 Eur

Full Course 11 Sessions, Certification Included


  • Individual 1-1 Coaching Sessions

  • Coach defines sessions schedule

  • LIVE ONLINE sessions with the coach

  • Access to a closed club of Business owners and Agile special

  • Additional materials (check-lists, books, video)

  • Possibility to skip sessions and attend later

  • Possibility to ask and get answers to any question

  • Attend sessions later at a more convenient time

3499.00 Eur

Full Course 11 Sessions, Certification Included

The Certified ScrumMaster learning journey

By joining the largest AGILE community in the world, as a certified SCRUM MASTER®, you will be able to continue your growth and learning. New skills will be acquired, new horizons opened, with your skills and talent you can become a mentor by helping others grow and succeed


Start of your SCRUM MASTER® Journey

Continue growing your skills.


Become a Coach.
Help others to grow and succeed

Elevate your talents

How to become 
Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®)

There are plenty of good reasons to become a Scrum Master: Some wants to learn how to break down tough Issues into easy, some help their team to reach maximum potential. Scrum Master® job is in demand and pays well. 

- Some Interesting FACTS -

72% of students mentioned:  "when looking for a job, the ScrumMaster® (CSM®) certification has been a huge advantage" -

95% said they would recommend a family member or friend earn their Certified Scrum Master (CSM) -

Become a Certified ScrumMaster

Join largest Agile community in the world

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